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     Anti-Slip Nano Pads for Cars and Home


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Anti-Slip Nano Pads for Cars and Home
$8.98 USD
Quantity Available: 4999

Non-Slip Super Adhesive Nano Pad Designed for Car Dashboards and Other Surfaces - Keeps Mobile Phones, GPS Devices, Loose Change, and Keys Firmly in Place

Product Features

  • Resists cold and hot temperatures
  • Easy to keep clean
  • For car dashboards and other surfaces

Product Specifications

  • Item Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • CAUTION: Do not place on surfaces with lacquered finish, latex paint, leather, and wood paneling.  Avoid use on cars with hard or painted plastic dash boards.

Product Details

The Super Adhesive Anti-Slip Nano Pad is the most useful and ingenious accessory you`ll ever need in your car. It keeps any object, including mobile phones, GPS devices, loose change, and even keys firmly in place while driving.
The anti-slip mat clings to your dashboard or center console and clings to anything that's placed on it (your cell phone, sunglasses, etc).  Clings to any vertical, horizontal, or slanted surface.
This item is non-adhesive and does not use magnets.  Therefore it is easy to remove, clean, and will not damage fragile electronic components.  
Once the adhesive properties begin to wear off, simply wash it with plain non-soapy water, and it will be good as new again!