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In-Ear Stereo PolyPhones with Remote & Microphone

Compatible with all models of iPhone, iPod & iPad

The In-Ear Stereo PolyPhone is the ultimate solution for today's mobile population. Combining high quality sound output with scientifically developed sound isolation, the PolyPhone could just be a phenomenal pair of earphones. However, the PolyPhone is also a crystal clear microphone and remote control, designed to work with your iPhone, smart phone, tablet, etc. The molded earpieces don't just fit your ear perfectly - they're formed to comfortably seal the ear, thus allowing you to experience your music or conversations to their fullest potential.

Unlike in-ear earphones that use foam tips, the PolyPhone's earpiece won't become moist, suffer from wear and tear from everyday use, or degrade over time. The remote control provides you with the freedom you demand from your mobile device - start, stop, pause music and video, answer calls, and adjust volume. All at your fingertips. The built-in microphones is positioned perfectly to catch your voice and not outside sounds. The PolyPhone comes in a sleek carrying case that prevents tangles to the cord and protects the earpieces while not in use.


  • In-ear earpieces are molded for optimum comfort and sound isolation
  • High quality ABS cylinders are moisture-proof and water resistant
  • Remote control and microphone are positioned at an optimum distance on the cord for efficient hands-free communication and playback control
  • Attractive hard carrying case included
  • Powerful full-range frequency response
  • Compatible with all models of iPod, iPhone & iPad (please note older models may not be compatible with the volume control in the remote)
  • Compatible with all phones, tablets, audio/video devices that provide a 3.5 mm headphone jack (please note remote and microphone may not be compatible with all devices)
  • Sensitivity: 109dB
  • Impedance: 23 oHMs
  • Frequencey response (high): 21 kHz
  • Frequency response (low): 5 Hz
  • Available in classic white