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     Magnetic Cover for Tablets


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$89.99 USD

Magnetic Smart Cover for Tablets including iPad 2/3/4 and any other tablet that is 9.7" in size

Available in Black, Grey, Light Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Green, Purple & Cream


This is truly a smart cover for your tablet. A multi-functional, sleek and snappy cover, it does everything you need to extend your tablet's functionality. It's a front cover, a stand, a wedge and a colourful accessory, all at the same time. Four folding magnetic panels interact with your iPad/Tablet: waking it up when you flip it open and putting it to sleep when you close it. A sleek and slim design adds no bulk to your device, and no assembly required. The hinge automatically locks in place, and the magnets are specifically designed to work with your iPad's controls.

Available in 9 fashionable colours.

Features & Specifications:

  • Thin, sleek & lightweight
  • Covers the iPad screen
  • Magnetic hinge fits automatically to the iPad edge
  • Magnets lock the cover securely as a stand and wedge
  • Closing the cover puts your iPad to sleep
  • Opening the cover wakes your iPad up
  • Durable aluminum hinge
  • Polyurethane cover with soft microfiber lining to protect your screen
  • Fits iPad 2, 3, and 4th Gen
  • Can be used with any 9.7" tablet or touchscreen device