Cheese and Butter Cutting Storage Box

Cheese and Butter Cutting Storage Box

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Who loves cheese? Kids and adults enjoy a slice of pizza with melted cheese or a toast with melted butter. Storing it is another question. The Cheese and Butter Cutting Storage Box is the solution. It comes with a cutting net, so when you need the butter or cheese, after softening it, place it on the cutting net, then press. It'll keep your cheese and butter fresh in your fridge.

The Butter Cutting Storage Box can serve as food container or serving box to store your kid's snacks, cookies, dim sum, desserts, nuts, fruits, and candies. The cutting net can cut the butter evenly and neatly. Easy to store, it will not take much space in your fridge. Your dairy products sealed to perfection with the Cheese and Butter Cutting Storage Box!

  • Material: High-quality AS resin material, containing cutting butter, can be directly placed in the refrigerator, convenient and practical.  Non-toxic with no odor can be in direct contact with food.
  • Storage: It has a sealed feature with lid container box for cream cheese, butter, sugar & spices.
  • Kitchen Food Storage Box has a smooth, and durable cutting net can cut butter within 200g. Uniform incision. Convenient for home bakery and cooking
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