The Slimming Shaper - Be Fabulous in an Instant!

The Slimming Shaper - Be Fabulous in an Instant!

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How would you like to have the body you always wanted and become a healthier you, literally as you get dressed?

With the Slimming Shaper, you are proud &  beautiful, with correct posture and an enhanced figure all with in minutes!


 - Tone your upper arms, raise your chest and improve your posture invisibly -  all while you wear every day clothes.

- Made of forgiving poly-Spandex, the Slimming Shaper  is available in creamy beige or sultry black in sizes from S to 2XL (NOTE: Please see size charts for exact measurements)

- Ideal for everyday wear or glamour events -- and it complements party and wedding clothes perfectly!

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Better posture, toned arms instantly!

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