360° Ultrafine Electrostatic Fiber Duster

360° Ultrafine Electrostatic Fiber Duster

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Make Dusting a Quick and Simple Chore

It will soon be Spring!....It's cleaning time! So you need this Ultrafine Electrostatic Fiber Duster, your cleaning buddy! It's a telescopic duster with synthetic fibers for its feathers, this duster not only removes dust but does a great job of collecting it as well because of the electrostatic adsorption.

The Electrostatic Fiber Duster sweep and absorbed the dust firmly to avoid dust flying around. Designed with a bendable head for cleaning hard to reach angles, ledges, shelves, and ceiling fans. Never worry about any surface or object because the super soft fibers are safe and gentle on anything. A quick shake or tap over the can will release the charge and deposit the collected debris. The charged synthetic fibers also make this a great car duster! Lift dust without worrying about scratching your paint with the Ultrafine Electrostatic Fiber Duster!

  • Material: Made of telescoping microfiber dusters, eco-friendly than disposable dusters. It doesn't promote static, so it's safe to use for anything.
  • Flexible: This lightweight cleaning tool duster can use by anyone. Extendable and bendable makes it ultra-easy to clean your furniture and electronics, including windows, window blinds, blinds, computer, TV screens, keyboards, desks/tables, remotes, bookshelves, fan, etc.
  • Reusable: Easy to clean, slide the microfiber top off the duster core and hand wash with warm or low heat water.

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