The Looking Glass of Love Pendant

The Looking Glass of Love Pendant

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Show her you love her 100 different ways!
The unique "Looking Glass of Love" Pendant does exactly that!

Each time your loved one wears it, she will be thrilled! It literally projects by your feelings any where for the entire world to see in 100 different ways in 100 languages!.

This exquisite pendant will brighten anyone's day reminding them of your constant love. It's the perfect surprise for your lover! And if you are in a relationship or looking for that perfect present for your relative or amazing mother, this will have you happily on their mind every day!

The pendant can be adjusted in 2 ways, which means you can get two different styles fit for different situations.

How to see the hidden love? Easy!

With your phone on place the stone's outward curve in front of the phone's camera - and "I Love You 'will appear on screen in 100 languages.


With your phone on place the stone's flat side in front of your phone's flashlight- and "I Love You' in 100 languages will be projected for all to see!

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