Fashion Cashmere Blanket Scarves - More Styles! More Glamour!

Fashion Cashmere Blanket Scarves - More Styles! More Glamour!

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Our elegant Blanket Scarves not only keep you warm – but wrap up savings too - with even more to choose from!!

These are both gorgeous and dramatic! Loose fit casual elegance with a cashmere like feel of super fine cotton – making them light enough to wear all year – yet substantially enough to keep chill winds at bay!

Measuring a very impressive 82” x 55” x 55” any of these tartan blanket scarves will instantly be your 'go to' wardrobe essential. Available in more than a dozen color combinations – they are simply too versatile not to go with absolutely everything you own – from daytime to early evening.

Value priced at $18.99 – you're saving 30% out of the gate to look fabulous: that PLUS No Tax and FREE Shipping??? This is the very BEST BARGAIN ON Line – and they are yours for the asking!

Order Your Blanket Scarves today and Save 30%
Matches any outfit – from casual to casual elegant!

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