Have Extra Storage and an Organized House - Finally!

Have Extra Storage and an Organized House - Finally!

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Utilize the spaces in your home for storage. 
Keep your house organized with the Slim Sliding Rack!

It's a 3 tier design allows you to store cans, jars, and bottles of your condiments. Smoothly rolls out from in-between cabinets or shelves. Perfect in your kitchen, workshop, or in-between your washer and dryer. The slim storage rack is suitable for light weight objects stored in limited home spaces where space is always an issue.

The Slim Sliding Rack is your next step to a more organized you. Each rack can be detached for easy cleaning and has drain holes that allow water on every tier to drain out and keep your items clean. The bottom wheels allow quick placement storage wherever you desire. Get additional kitchen storage space with the Slim Sliding Rack!

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR NARROW SPACE: Size:21 x 5x 28 inches The storage cabinet only needs about 5 inches wide space. Place the cabinet between fridge and counter, counter and appliances; Organize your laundry room, bathroom, kitchen
  • 3 TIER DESIGN: Make life more simple and less cluttered with this convenient slide-out shelving unit. Great for canned food, spices, laundry supplies, pet supplies, home and bath cleaning supplies, and even kid’s toys. It can also be assembled quickly and easily.
  • PORTABLE SHELVING UNIT: Four wheels attached to the base of the slide out pantry storage rack making it easy and convenient to pull in and out of narrow spaces.

Grab the Slim Sliding Rack now and save 33% off!


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