2018 Keychain Professional Alcohol Breathalyzer Device

2018 Keychain Professional Alcohol Breathalyzer Device

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It's Christmas and with more occasions to celebrate, the chances of your being stopped by police road checks are more likely than ever.

Would you pay $16.50 to save you save anywhere from $500 - $1700 in fines due to over-consumption of alcohol. This Professional Breathalyzer, conveniently attaches to your keyring letting you test if you are 'over the limit” any time, anywhere, all year 'round?!

A breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample. This  is one of the most affordable breathalyzers available, potentially saving not only thousands in fines but the potential lose of your vehicle and  other people's lives! It uses advanced semiconductor alcohol sensing technology to quickly take a breath sample and provide an accurate blood alcohol content (BAC) estimate. The LCD graphic display indicates whether you should drive or not, with readings showing it is dangerous (over 0.05% bac) to safe (under 0.02% bac).


  • This digital alcohol test with audible alert.
  • Auto power off, with quick response and restart, it promptly and conveniently measures BAC.
  • This breathalyzer conveniently attaches to your key chain – so you are never without it – and always reminded to use it before you get behind the wheel. This light weight devide, uses 2AAA batteries(not included) and is accurate to 0.01% BAC ( 0.1g/l)
  • It's a fast, easy method of Blood Alcohol Concentration analysis at anytime and anywhere.
  • Packaging : 1 Digital Breathalyzer + 4 mouthpieces.

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