Adjustable Hands Free Dog Leash

Adjustable Hands Free Dog Leash

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Ad Copy: Walk side by side with your dog!

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Walk one or two dogs at the same time! The Hands-Free Dog Leash allows you to walk your dog while giving you the liberty of multitasking!

It has 2 Side pockets to store for your poop bags, keys, phone or cash. The leash can stretch up to 1.5 meters, giving your dog ample room to run without going off too far.

  • Adjustable waist belt fits most sizes
  • Made of heavy duty stitches
  • Waterproof åÊzippered Phone Holder, easy-access to music and reflective stitching for night runs
  • Sudden force is absorbed by the bungee strap, putting your dog back on track

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