Back Seat Tray

Back Seat Tray

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Perfect Trip, Convenience at the Back Seat

Are you going on a road trip this Holiday Season? Put all the stuff you need right within your reach Back Seat Tray!

It serves as a food tray, drink holder, and a phone/tissue holder, and essential items you need for your travel. It's foldable and convenient. It allows you to organize, eat, and work in the back seat of your car to make your trip worthwhile.

Designed with cup holders to avoid potential spills by securing your cups in the two designated slots, the Back Seat Tray has brackets to keep the cup upright. Easy to install and remove so no messy back seat. Your family will enjoy sightseeing and the food while on a trip. Enjoy the moment, organize your stuff with the Back Seat Tray!

  • Material: Made of ABS material stable and durable. Safe and useful.
  • Cup Holder: Avoid spills by securing your bottles or cups in the two designated slots. The tray makes your interior stays nice and dry from spills.
  • Organizer: Great for keeping your kid's meals, snacks, drinks, trash etc. The included hooks on the bottom are great for hanging bags.
  • Easy to Install: Wrap the included strap around the headrest, and tighten for a snug fit. The Car Tray folds up nice and neat when not in use, and can easily be stored in your back seat pocket. Suitable for most cars.

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