Crystal Glass Professional Nail File

Crystal Glass Professional Nail File

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How often have you bought standard nail files only to have them wear out or even rip your nails when you used them in the wrong direction?

Our glass nail files are 100% reusable, hygenic because they are washable your glass nail file is always 100% hygenic! What's more, unlike traditional nail files, you can file and smooth your nails in both directions.

These professional grade salon products are light-weight and for use anywhere.Perfect for natural and acrylic nails, its two-sided usable surface will leave your nails perfectly shaped and smooth yet dazzling!

By the way, as a bonus: if you keep our Crystal Glass Nail File in its accompanying fashionable travel case, it will last simply forever... it will be the last one you will ever need to buy – ever!.

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It will be the very last nail file you will ever need to buy!

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