Decorative Throw Pillow Covers : Tranquil Forest Beauty

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers : Tranquil Forest Beauty

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Decorative Throw Pillow Covers: Tranquil Forest Beauty

You've seen it yourself a 100 times! There isn't any home renovation/improvement show on today that doesn't make any home “ look transformed” when they simply add throw pillows!

Suddenly every interior designer looks like a genius because they used a focal point of colour to draw you eye around a room. Well, we have an astounding array of colorful, conversation-starting throw pillows – and any one of them will add a stylish backdrop to any room in your house - making it like look like your designer genius has just left!

The big difference?? Our pillows are not an addled $168 or an urbanized $48 -- not even $28! All of them are on sale 30% off from their regular prices and that includes shipping and tax. Yes they are shipped to you absolutely FREE!


  • Our Tranquil Forest throw pillow covers are printed, in 4 different colors to complement any rooms color scheme any room!
  • Material – cotton
  • Size 18” square

Order Your Forest Beauty Throw Pillow Covers today and Save 30%
Add a range of subtle design and complementary colour to any room – the easy way!

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