Fast Drying Towel Dress

Fast Drying Towel Dress

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Ad Copy: Dress up, Dry Faster

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Description: For the ladies out there! Here's a fresh from the shower look and getting yourself dry while doing your routine. The Fast Drying Towel Dress is just for you! It's a quick drying towel dress that you can wrap around like a dress, so you can immediately walk around doing things before completely drying off and getting dressed.

Designed with shoulder straps that secure the towel from falling. This Fast Drying Towel, made of microfiber materials that absorb liquid faster than regular towels. Perfect to bring to the beach, gym, and swimming pool. Get out of the shower and do your hair and makeup before getting dress, the Fast Drying Towel Dress will do the rest.

  • Material: Made of natural cotton and ultra soft microfiber cotton, safe to skin with high absorbency, scratch-free, and machine washable
  • Useful: Perfect to wrap around your hair or to dry your body
  • Shoulder Straps Lady Wearable Bath Towel Beach Cloth Shower cover-ups: Allows you to use your hands while drying off and getting ready. Safe to use.
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