Stainless Steel Fresh Pasta Maker

Stainless Steel Fresh Pasta Maker

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Roll up your sleeves and make delicious fresh pasta in minutes with the Stainless Steel Fresh Pasta Maker!

This product is a manual pasta making machine, that allows you to make a uniform noodle with just a few twists. Made of quality stainless steel that is conveniently light and durable. It's a time saver and it is easy to use. Not only it can make pasta, but it can also be used to extract juices from your favorite fruits. 

The Stainless Steel Fresh Pasta Maker comes with interchangeable mold discs that allow you to make different styles of pasta. Perfect for all occasions and a great helping tool in the kitchen.

Using procedure:
1. Knead the dough with water to make it soft enough, if necessary add some edible oil.
2. Unscrew the cover and put in the dough, vegetable or have cut fruits into the tube, then screw the handle and noodle or juice will come out.
3. Put the bottom of machine close to water, noodles will come out easily.
4. After usage, disassemble it and soak in the water, easy to clean.

High-quality stainless steel manual press machine
Both for making noodles and extracting juice
Comes with 7 noodle mold
Noodle machine height: Approx. 18.5cm; Drum height: Approx. 14cm
Diameter: Approx. 6cm; Inner hole: Approx. 5cm

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